Bespoke joinery for Benbow House

Benbow House
Architect: Gerrard Taylor Design
Location: London SE1
Contract Duration: 14 Weeks

We were challenged to construct this 2 storey apartment from "scratch". Situated on the 8 - 9th floor of this prestigious apartment block without inconvenience to the existing residents or interruption to the building management systems.

Procurement and structural alteration stated early, solid Weitzer Parkett maple flooring obtained from Austria, limestone floor slabs from portugal and oversized heat treated panels for the glass bathrooms. Material delivery impending, all structural works and install of the steel staircase were completed together with the M&E design and 1st fix implementation.

The fit out thereafter involved new Gypsum ceilings and walls, underfloor heating and hotwater systems, Lurton lighting system, limestone and wood floors, glass walls, bespoke lacquered joinery, kitchen install and decoration.

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