Bespoke joinery for Trinity Court

Trinity Court
Location: Littlebury Essex
Contract Duration: 18 weeks

With the ever increasing need for sustainable development we are continually reviewing the materials we use in our construction. With this is mind the PCL design team have developed and designed a doorset and skirting system predominantly from Green Products.

The sections are machined from MDF and wrapped with a paper/foil facing. Using specialised wrapping machines. We are able to match any wood veneer of any species, thus, this product eliminates the use of real wood veneer and lacquering.

The paper / foil facing is pre-finished and requires no site finishing, the architrave system is adjustable to suit varying wall thicknesses and each doorset is factory pre hung with locks installed. With this criteria, installation time per set is 30 minutes.

Trinity Court is a development of 14 new houses and 2 listed cottage conversions. Our system is being used in this development utilising Walnut and Oak foils together with our matching engineered floor system.

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